Welcome to Colombo Tennis Academy

Welcome to Colombo Tennis AcademyWelcome to Colombo Tennis AcademyWelcome to Colombo Tennis Academy

Welcome to Colombo Tennis Academy

Welcome to Colombo Tennis AcademyWelcome to Colombo Tennis AcademyWelcome to Colombo Tennis Academy

It's all about tennis

At Colombo Tennis Academy, our goal is to provide tennis coaching that is of international standard, to those who are passionate about the sport. We offer personalized coaching for our students, taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses.  We are open for all age groups above 4 years.

"Do not lockdown your tennis" CTA COVID-19 response

The health and wellbeing of the students of CTA is of utmost importance for us at the moment, and our thoughts are with anyone who has been affected by the coronavirus. As the lockdown continues, getting back on court seems a distant reality. But it is important for tennis players like us to stay fit and keep moving. 

Few tips to keep you going


Improve on your technique

Your coach knows you better, so start a dialogue with the coaches whilst at home and discuss the things that need to be worked on in terms of technique. There are many resources online to look at or simply get on a video call with your coach.


Work on your Tactics

Players can use the time on their hands to write down particular tactics that they want to use when they get on court. You could also use this time to come up with tactics tailored to suit the opponents that they would be meeting in the local circuit.


Stay fit

Nothing is more important for a tennis player than the fitness. This particular aspect of tennis is probably the easiest to do while the players are at home. General physical exercises such as skipping, circuit training, fartlek running, and body weight exercises are all exercises which require little to no space to be done.


Focus on mental aspects

This is the perfect time for players to get use to a regime of mental exercises and mental practices. Visualisation is an activity which easily springs to mind. Players will have to speak to their coaches and come up with an individual program for themselves






As a beginner what our coaches like to see is a passion for sport and a willingness to learn. It also helps to have a basic level of fitness so that you can move around the court. In this program you'll gain an understanding of the basic techniques, movements and rules of the game, including: forehand, backhand, volley and serving.





In this program, our coaches will work with you in a group setting to refine your technique and help you become a more tactical player. Training you to hit the ball with more accuracy and mastering the  topspin are some of the main objectives at this level.





This program is for the experienced players where we help you master the intricacies of the game and address some of the common problems with technique. You’ll also master patterns of play and match play strategies so you can build and finish points. 



Lankan junior tennis team participated at the ITF Asian 14&U Development Championships (QR) in Manila, Philippines in Jan 2020.The girls team emerged as champions while the boys team finished as runners-up in the competition where 9 countries participated. The Lankan team was coached by Ganendran Subramaniam of CTA.

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